-Help for self-help @COVID19 Times- -Pro bono platform for all affected service industries-

The idea behind the project:

Solidarity in extraordinary times for our colleagues, friends and business partners!

Probably none of us thought such a situation was possible just a few weeks ago. The complete shutdown of non-system relevant services is probably unique and presents us with ALL the unprecedented challenges. In order to protect our society, the measures that have been taken and those that are still to be expected are certainly necessary and sensible. So how can we accept the situation, while not forgetting that the freelancers and small business people will not go under. Especially the short-term loss of liquidity must be prevented! We have thought about this and, within the scope of our possibilities, have developed the project #handsforartists ...toast. But in order to implement it successfully and to secure liquidity for as many artists and studios as possible, we have to go this way together and need your help.

The project is designed as pro bono, all vouchers are paid directly by the customer and without detours to the tattoo studio or the artist.

We would be very happy if we could go this way together and promote the project together in the next few days.

It's that simple for affected companies:
- Register your studio, company, offer or service
- Leave some information and your personal PayPal.ME address
- Each voucher purchase is then processed directly between you and the customer.

For tattoo studios & artists:

Determine location or

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Studio / shop / solo artist:

Main service:

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Which companies/artists can participate?

The action #handsforartists is aimed primarily at affected people in industries with many small businesses (e.g. tattoo studios) and self-employed & freelancers. Nevertheless, everyone can register here, who is affected by the COVID19 - crisis with his service and now has to cope with considerable liquidity bottlenecks.

What's the point of being here?

Does it cost me anything?

No, there will be no cost of any kind to you ever. Customers can purchase vouchers for your service on your landing page and redeem them in the future. You are only responsible for the tax treatment of your earnings.

Where can I register?

To register you only have to fill out a form (takes max. 60 seconds) and we will create your own landing page for you within 24 hours. Then you can already start and share it with your customers & supporters.


How long does it take until my site is online with the voucher & purchase option?

After we have checked your registration, it usually takes 24 hours until your site is online at handforartists.com:

1. your landing page for you or your studio will be created on the promotion page (www.handsforartists.com/hfa-NAME INDUSTRIES)
2. you will find your landing page on the site and can now share it everywhere
3. your supporters/customers can buy vouchers & support
you immediately 4. the money goes straight to your paypal account

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